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Training and Development for Hotels

 As an accredited training provider NQtac Cape (Pty) Ltd provides the following services:

Project Management:

In order to ensure that the training and development are sustainable, NQtac Cape visits each client's site on a monthly basis (or in accordance with the contract). These visits manage learner development, learner assessment and assessor progress as well as moderations.
Workplace Training Forum meetings and assessor meetings are also conducted during these visits.
Workplace Skills Plans and Annual Training Reports are submitted to CATHSSETA annually in order to claim the grant funding from the Skills Development Levy for the clients.
Monthly progress reports are submitted to management to monitor progress and the training and development of learners and assessors on site.


  • All learners achieve a nationally recognised CATHSSETA or international City & Guilds qualification.
  • The programmes are fully accredited with either CATHSSETA or City & Guilds International.
  • A number of learners can be registered for their assessments at the same time, which expediates the process.
  • All staff trained to the same service standard, improving guest satisfaction.
  • All training and assessment is aligned with the National Qualifications Framework, so grants are maximised in terms of the Skills Development funding.
  • Motivation, self-confidence and job satisfaction greatly improve when the employee has a recognised qualification.
  • Performance management is better structured, as all of the learners will have completed the training and proven competent.

As NQtac is fully accredited as a provider and has full programme approval, it is not necessary for the site to go
through the lengthy and costly exercise of accreditation required in order to offer National Qualifications: the clients
will be registered as sub-centres of NQtac for all CATHSSETA qualifications.

Training and development which is NQF aligned assists the organisation with legislative compliance in terms of the Skills Development Act, the Employment Equity Act and BEE.

NQtac has been offering training and development expertise to the 4 and 5 star market for 17 years so we have the
required experience and expertise to maximise the training and development of your staff.

NQtac Cape currently offers the following programmes, all of which have full programme approval.


Skills Programmes:

  • Cook Convenience Food Skills Programme
  • Kitchen Cleaner Skills Programme
  • Assistant Chef Skills Programme
  • Food Service Assistant Skills Programme
  • Drink Service Assistant Skills Programme
  • Table Attendant Skills Programme
  • Bar attendant Skills Programme
  • Room Attendant Skills Programme
  • Laundry Assistant Skills Programme
  • Public Area Cleaner Skills Programme
  • Assistant Housekeeper Skills Programme
  • Front of House Porter Skills Programme
  • Receptionist Skills Programme
  • Porter-Concierge Skills Programme


  • Professional Cookery Certificate Level 4
  • Accommodation Services Certificate Level 2
  • Hospitality Reception Certificate Level 4
  • Food and Beverage Certificate Level 4

*These courses can be done on a stand-alone basis, or as part of the project management process.


Skills Proficiency awards:

  • Basic Food and beverage services
  • Basic Housekeeping services
  • Basic Food preparation and cooking


  • Certificate in Accommodation Operations and Services (8068)
  • Certificate in Reception Operations and Services (8067)
  • Certificate in Food and Beverage Service (8066)
  • Certificate in Food Preparation and Cooking / Culinary Arts (8065)

Diploma Level:

  • Diploma in Accommodation Operations and Services (8068)
  • Diploma in Reception Operations and Services (8067)
  • Diploma in Food and Beverage Service (8066)
  • Diploma in Food preparation and Culinary Arts (8065)
  • Diploma in Patisserie (8065)
  • Diploma in Assessment of Learning (110)



NQtac Cape consultants assess learners according to CATHSSETA or City & Guilds International approved programmes.

Assessment and Moderation

Qualified NQtac Cape assessors can do assessments for your CATHSSETA programmes and moderators quality assure learners files for certification purposes.

Assessor Training

NQtac Cape conducts a three day training session for assessors against the unit standard 110 City & Guilds according to International requirements.

Skills Training

NQtac Cape will conduct any skills training required by clients in terms of Workplace Skills Plans, gaps determined by a training needs analysis as well as the specific requirements of each client.
We offer short courses as well as long term programmes.

Training Needs Analyses and Performance Measurement

Detailed training needs analyses are available for all positions in the Hotel Industry which will assist with Workplace Skills Plans and business planning for the organisation.
Performance appraisals are also available for every position in the industry.

Standard Operating Procedures:

NQtac does detailed development of Standard Operating procedures for all departments, in conjunction with the organisation. These have been done for a number of new and existing hotels, including Diaz Strand Hotel, The Rosebank Hotel and Mount Grace.

Programme development:

Specific training programmes can be developed or tailored to suit our clients’ needs.