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Past Students

Michael-Ashley Underwood - Hotel School, NQtac, Alumnus

Michael-Ashley Underwood
I qualified from NQtac Hotel School in July of 2009. The training was of a high standard and I was able to apply my knowledge I gained there in the working industry. I received a Distinction in Professional Cookery which I am very proud of. All it takes to do well in life is hard work and to have dedication. I am now 23 years young and have my whole career ahead of me.

I currently work in a top 10 restaurant in Wilderness, South Africa. I am also a chefs’ assistant at another school where I’m needed to help out students, as well as setting up of demonstrations.

I have worked as a senior chef at an exclusive game lodge, called Umzolozolo Game Lodge. That was straight out of training. The training I was given was of that quality that I was able to just go straight into the industry without feeling I couldn’t hold my own.

Next near I’m heading overseas to the United States of America. I plan on improving my knowledge and skill in the career that I love. I am a student of life and feel that learning all aspects in something you love to do is very important to personal growth.

I plan to work for a number of chefs before I venture out on my own. I want to learn to make French pastries from actual French pastry chefs, learn to make sushi from a Japanese chef, and travel the world to discover all the fantastic flavours available.

This industry is a tough one that can be both incredibly rewarding and very challenging. I have found that if you don’t love what you are doing then it’s not worth doing. Always push yourself to be the best in what you set out to do. I wish every young person who wants to join the “family” that is the hotel industry, the very best of luck.

I look forward to seeing the future young chefs and management staff be the best they can be.

All the best

Michael-Ashley Underwood, NQtac, Hotel School, class of July 2009.

Andries Lubbe - Hotel School, NQtac, Alumnus

Andries Lubbe
I am currently working at the Cafe Bar in Canberra, Australia as Senior Souse Chef. I run and organise the kitchen when the head chef is not there and this is almost every day! The establishment is very busy!! We serve up to 600 meals daily for breakfast and lunch (excluding dinner!) Our menu mostly consists of Australian and Asian dishes as well as dishes from other parts of the world such as South America and Europe.

Deon Wagener - Hotel School, NQtac, Alumnus

Deon Wagener
Studying in Netherlands at Hotelschool the Hague. Currently I am doing my Bachelors in Business Administration in Hotel Management, (BBA.HM), by following the International Fast Track programme for students with previous qualification in hospitality studies i.e. a shortened version of the Bachelor’s programme in two years instead of four.

I have to say that NQtac Hotel School was my stepping stone. By working and studying at Far Hills Country Hotel I gained so much insight into the operational aspects of the hotel that would have taken me years and quite a few more jobs at other hotels. I will not lie, it was hard! We started with a group of about 20 students and only a handful made it to the end. The one thing that I would like to mention to other "hoteliers" in the making is that nothing just come your way and that you should be prepared to go out there work hard and take risks in order to become not only successful, but also grow as a person.